Samagi has a long-established reputation for integrity, professionalism and innovation, setting standards for operational excellence wherever we do business. We pride ourselves on being original and forward-looking – qualities that have guided our operations for close to 15 years.

Samagi is a highly diversified local group. Many of our core businesses can be found within the North West region, where traditionally Samagi's operations have centred on Wennappuwa. Within Sri Lanka, Samagi's activities come under the group's publicly quoted arm, Samagi Group Ltd. Elsewhere in Wennappuwa, many businesses are held directly by parent company, Samagi Group Pvt Ltd., in Wennappuwa, Maharagama, Colombo.

"It is with heartfelt mutual feelings and profound pleasure to address this distinguished gathering making a very pleasant occation through our “Samagi Estate and Finance Private Limited”.
It is noteworthy to mention you that we were able to start a very small enterprise, Samagi Property Estate Limited in 1992 and stepped forward to establish firmly as Samagi Estate and Finance Company Private Limited in 2000.
We Samagi institute have already become the for-runner with multiple projects where we before limited only to block out land blocks but we are flocked together like a swarm of butterflies surrounded with fertile land.
We are geared with true, honesty to introduce absolutely the correct path and to be a member for just society plus to render a humble service on the occation of this warming ceremony of third storied building.
We take this prime opportunity to convey our sincere gratitude towards the lower hierarchy of labourer and the top hierarchy of management to achieve our goal and for the invoke of Nobel blessing from Buddhist, Catholic Clergy, our beloved teachers and finally from minor entrepreneur to all Bank staff."

Mrs. Chandra Ramanayaka Fernando


Mrs. Rathna Fernando
(JP. For All Island – Human Rights)

Mr. Rangith G.A Fernando
A.I.B. Sri Lanka ( Ex. Banker BOC.) (JP. For All Island – Human Rights)

Mss W. Nadeesha D Fernando
L.L.B. London (Hons)

Mr. W. Prathap S fernando
(B(Eng). MSC - 1st year)

Mss. W. Thilini N Fernando

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